Incentive Enough?

And you thought getting a free ticket was neat?

US Airways announced on Monday their lastest frequent flyer award program is a trip aboard a sub-orbital passenger space ship.

No worries on getting the required 10 million frequent flyer miles, as flights are not planned until 2004.

Do they really think anyone will take part in this? Seems like a waste of a program. Rather than come up with absurd things like this, they should develop a two for one with your miles or something that is a bit more "incentive" creating.

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Dabitch's picture

Nonononono! It's a Great idea - just think, I f I hang on to my miles - I can go to space! Thats it - no wasting my miles on overnight stays and weekend getaways Uhnah, I'm collecting all of them!
Save don't spend your miles people - there's a chance to go to Space!! Just like Ronald Reagan, who had a ticket for the Pan Am Flight to the moon, we too can look forward to something that will never happen.
Just remember - save those miles... Baaah baaah baah.. Sheep.

caffeinegoddess's picture

*lol* ooo maybe they'll bring back Alf as a spokesman/spokesalien!

Robblink's picture

Alf is already selling 10-10-220!

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Guys Gals! Remember the Pepsi challenge - the more caps you saved - the more you could buy - and that ad showing some guy buying a Harrier Jet with his caps? I remember the site launched by some geezer who wanted everyones caps - so that at least one person could walk off with the Harrier Jet. (I think he promised everyone a ride too. ;-) Hat tip to meFi for this linkie: -copy and paste people - The Pentagon Says Pepsi can't buy Harrier *moahahahahahah* Failed incentives - no the adgeeks do not forget...