India adverts use sex and humor to sell

Over in the big colorful land of India they have discovered that sex really does sell, if coupled with toungue in cheek humor. No, not that cheek.
Traditionally, they've steered away from being so bold as to do raunchy ads, but if you make the punter laugh at the same time you can get away with almost anything as long as you highlight your products special features.

In this ad, set in adverts most commony used setting, a wedding, the groom asks his best man if he brought the rings before entering the church. The best man searches his pockets... He can't find them anywhere and panicked he tears off all his clothes until he eventually finds the rings in the pocket of his briefs. Elevated with joy the groom and best man cheer and hug each other - right as the door to the church open and everyone witness their near-naked frolic. The flabbergasted bride runs away as the super at the end reads hole proof underdaks, now with a pocket!.

Sony does hetrosexuals, as the man of the house plays with his laptop his girlfriend walks in wearing nothing but lingerie, what man could resist? As they get busy they are being watched - apparantly the man forgot that he was video-conferancing on his Sony laptop, and the built in camera sees all. How to make friends and influence people? ;)

In another ad Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu walks into a bar and all eyes are on her. She asks all the men present "Who's got the smallest?" and (*drumroll*) picks up the man who has the new teeny weeny Samsung phone. Classic.

Hat tip to Shanky.

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