Indian Motorcycle "Ink" (2017) 1:51 (USA)

Back when Adland was pretty new, Dabitch used to sell a shirt with a slogan she came up with:"Your Rebellion is my Marketing Strategy." That's exactly what this piece of content is.
Indian Motorcycle linked freestyle motorcross legend Carey Hart, his son and his Indian motorcycle. Hart got a tattoo of his son using ink from his Indian Super Hooligan motorcycle.
The tattoo was done by Nocturnal Ink co-founder Franco Vescovi. Apparently they made some unique ink from the carbon burnout and separated all the toxins and put it in the ink. In other words, they took ink and added motorcycle dust to it.
Hart explains how at the time motorcross was an incredibly clean cut sport so getting a tattoo was a big deal and act of rebellion. Now, every last ad nerd in L.A. who hangs out at Deux Ex Machina has a tattoo, not to mention their mothers and probably grandmothers. It would have been more rebellious if Hart had gotten them all removed.
But hey, if you are so inclined to do the same thing as Hart and get a tattoo like 90% of the population now, you too, can get one made with Indian Ink.

Client: Indian Motorcycles
Advertising Agency: Team One, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Group Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Creative Director: Johnnie Ingram
Associate Creative Director: Geoff Vreeken
Photographer: Matt Hartz
Producer: Leah Bohl
Associate Producer: Claire Allman
Account Director: Landon Nguyen
Account Supervisor: Justin West

Director/DP: Leo Zuckerman
Producer: Andrea Sheffield
Assistant Camera: Kenneth Merrill
Gaffer/Grip: Levi Williams
Production Assistant: Lisa French
Sound Recordist: Kevin Santiago
Editor: Leo Zuckerman
Colourist: Clinton Homuth // Alter Ego
Sound Design/Mix: Matt Kielkopf

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