INFINITI QX50 — Study Of Power (2017) 1:25 (USA)

We evolve over time. What if we could evolve at will? We adapt to our world. What if our world adapted to us? We want power. What if we could become more powerful? On command? Now we can. Introducing the all new Infiniti QX50. Empower the drive.

Design/VFX Company: Timber Creative Directors/Partners: Kevin Lau, Jonah Hall Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo Producer: James L. Reid Senior Art Director: Jon Lorenz Flame Artist: Miles Kinghorn Additional Flame Artists: Chris Decristo, Federico Sacoone, Todd Mesher, Jan Cilliers, Andymac Flame Assists: Brandon Harden, Brack Hightchew Lead Designer: Toros Kose 3D Artists: Jon Lorenz, Yates Holley 2D Artists: Kevin Lau, Jon Lorenz, Luis “Yosh” Bolivar, Daniel Zhang, James Kim, Cris Kong, Toros Kose (Designer), Tommy Wooh

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