ING DIRECT - The Infernal Planet (2018) :45 (France)

Based on a real call to ING Direct, the story of a man's lost credit card and keys. ING can't help with the keys but they can certainly help by turning his credit card on and off (and also notifying the man he can do the same online.) It's fun seeing the man's struggle turned metaphor in a sci-fi disaster film. And a great way to highlight ING Direct's customer service, too.

Client: ING Direct
Agency: Rosapark
Co-founders :Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Jean-François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Managing Director: Sacha Lacroix
Account Director: Soraya Cottin
Account Manager: Caroline Planty
Creative Directors: Jean-François Sacco/Gilles Fichteberg
Copy-writer: Pierre - Antoine Dupin
Art Director: Frédéric Leclerc
Strategic Planner: Sonia Guitz
TV Producer: Elodie Jonquille
Art Buyer: Camille Asal
Production House: Birth
Director: Nalle Sjöblad
Post Production: Mathematic
Photographers: Nick & Chloé

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