Injustice 2 "The Lines Are Redrawn" (2017) 2:45 (USA)

"Savior. Monster. Guardian. Vigilante. The preservation of life.So often the justification for taking it. Humans. Elevating those that keep guard. Until they watch too close and the so-called hero condoning the very act he would condemn. Transgressions of the past shape actions to come. As offspring turns into adversary. Yesterday's loss leads to madness. And God becomes tyrant, becomes outcast. Becomes dust. As factions dissolve and fall. And lust for power enslaves all. Such folly and futility in the grand design. Curious how lines once clearly defined, become blurred. Hm. Perhaps it is time for them to be redrawn." That is the voice over for this story trailer for injustice 2. Billed as an epic battle in the DC universe.With shifting alliances, emotional ambiguity and the hypocrisy of a hero.
All I know is while the tension builds and the drama unfolds word upon word upon word piles up. It's as if the voice over never gives the scene a moment to breathe. Which is a shame. As far as storylines go, it looks like a decent sone. But man, whatever happened to "show me don't tell me?"

Client/Game Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Marketing Games Manager: Brian Goodman
Client: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
President: David Haddad
Vice President, Global Marketing Core Games: Matthew Geyer
Director, Global Brand Marketing: Craig Mitchell
Brand Manager: Minh Tran
Associate Brand Manager: Jeffrey Hong
Associate Brand Marketing Manager: Kay Park
Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Creative Director: Raymond Hwang
Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Brand Director: Max Kislevitzß
Executive Producer: Joanna Rhodes
Producer: Mackenzie Busch
CG - Plastic Wax: Dane Maddams, Mick Hammell, Nathan Maddams, and Felix Crawshaw
Sound - Beacon Street Studios: Rommel Molina/Sound Designer & Mixer and Kate Vandais/Producer
Music - South Music

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