Instagram "Stories are everywhere" (2017) 3:15 (The Netherlands)

This highlight reel touting Instagram's relatively new rip off of Snapchat's Stories feature does its best to show you that stories are everywhere by juxtposing references from movies, tv, film, news and more. A space shuttle taking off becomes a fat guy eating a pizza. A CGI monster because a guy drawing on his upside down mouth to pretend he's a monster. A pair of dolphins breathtakingly breaking the surface of the ocean for a brief wistful moment become bananas doing the same thing, kind of. I dunno.
The campaign is running in the USA, Germany and Italy. The work first started rolling out in April and culminated last weekend with an 'Insta Stories Festival' in Cologne.
The stories were all created in less than three months, which is zero surprise considering how easy they are to do The campaign included 26 different films like the ones above as well as more than 270 billboards digital billboards train station take overs in Philadelphia and Milan and more.
I realize this is a highlight reel so you wouldn't ever see this many in the wild so to speak. At least I hope not. Presumably the back-to-back aspects are kept to a minimum if even there at all. The curious thing to me is why Instagram, a free platform, is even spending money to get people to engage with stories and why is it doing so now? Stories launched in August of 2016. Here we are coming up on a full year later. Seems like a strange time to start advertising something that all the major social media networks have minus Twitter.
The unintended consequence of this highlight reel is that it demonstrates exactly why living your life on Instagram pales in comparison to everything else. If I have the choice between fat guy stuffing his pie hole with sticker pizza and watching a space shuttle, I'll stick with space shuttle. Te things that are being "created," in this highlight reel (and on Instagram in general) might be great in-jokes among friends but taken in this context they are merely copies of better experiences, not to mention extremely shallow, stupid and meant to disappear. All the real moments are vastly more interesting.
Which is not to say this isn't an effective piece of communication. I follow tons of people in advertising, music, and pop culture in general, but I haven't seen much approaching even halfway close to this interesting. Whats even worse now is that if I scroll through the stories I'm in undated with ads. But that's also true of their regular feed, too. That's why we call it Adstagram.

Chief Marketing Officer Clifford Hopkins
Head of Global Brand Marketing Taj Alavi
Head of Creative, Marketing Bekah Sirrine
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Retouching: Loupe Imaging
Executive Producer: Brian Schultz, Sara Schulman

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