Instrumentarium "Lessons of Love" (2017) 1:35 (Finland)

Love is all around us, but only if you see it. This is cute love story from Finaland, for a chain of opticians called Instrumentarium. A hapless lovestuck students fancies his teacher but she doesn't see him until one day he gives her a special gift: a pair of glasses.

Client Instrumentarium
Marketing Director Jan Koskinen
Marketing Manager Eveliina Rantahalvari
Marketing Coordinator Marleena Lehtonen

Agency Wörks
Copywriter Pia af Hällström
AD Kimmo Korhonen
Agency Exec. Producer Johanna Kouhi

Production Company Directors Guild Helsinki
Director Pete Riski
Executive Producer Ville Varesvuo
Producer Juha-Matti Nieminen
DOP Jean-Noël Mustonen

Editor Eve Ashwell @ Assembly Rooms
Assistant Editor Stephan Pasiewicz @ Assembly Rooms
Color Correction Henri Pulla @ Pullapost
Online James Post

Music Juri Seppä @ Humina
Sound Design Timo Anttila @ Humina

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