Intern bikes from L.A. to Seattle to fetch coffee

Steve Ounanian, a UCLA student and 86 the onion intern, is not above fetching a cuppa joe. In fact, he's going to ride his bike all the way from L.A. to Seattle armed with nothing but power bars and beer money. His progress is being documented on Ounanian seeks to get the heart of what it means to have and to live a daily ritual: "By sustaining my own ritual, and interviewing the people I meet along the way about theirs, I hope to understand what the daily ritual is at it's core." With his camera and minidisk recorder he'll make a short film about the adventure as well. For company and biking skills - we presume - Ouanioan is bringing along his friend Chris Jahn, an LA bike messenger on the ride.

Ride Itinerary: September 5th-23rd:
September 5: LA to Santa Barbara (102 miles)
September 6: Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo (90 miles)
September 7: San Luis Obispo to San Simeon (54 miles)
September 8: San Simeon to Kirk Creek (40 miles)
September 9: Kirk Creek to Carmel/Monterey, including Big Sur climb (60 miles)
September 10: Carmelto Half Moon Bay (96 miles)
September 11: Half Moon Bay to San Francisco (30 miles)
September 12: San Francisco to Bodega Dunes State Beach (65 miles)
September 13: Bodega Bay to Manchester (65 miles)
September 14: Manchester to Standish-Hicki State Rec. Area (82 miles)
September 15: Eureka to Crescent City (107 miles)
September 16: Crescent City to Gold Beach (59 miles)
September 17: Gold Beach to Charleston (78 miles)
September 18: Charleston to Jessie M. Honeyman State Park (53 miles)
September 19: Jessie M Honeyman State Park to Eugene (65 miles)
September 20: Eugene to Portland (110 miles)
September 21: Portland to Longview (56 miles)
September 22: Long view to Olympia (67 miles)
September 23: Olympia to Seattle (75+ miles)

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He also must be happy about getting out of a months worth of classes too. ;)