International Filmmaker Stash Capar Secures First US Representation with Hey Baby

Los Angeles-based Hey Baby proudly welcomes international filmmaker Stash Capar. A globetrotter essentially from birth, Capar joins the production company’s outstanding collection of acclaimed directors, marking his first representation in the United States.


Born in Poland, raised in Canada, then educated in the UK with stints in the Middle East, it’s no surprise Stash Capar is known for elevating emotional narratives that transcend geographic cultures. He honed his craft bouncing between the UK, Scandinavia and Dubai on assignments as an editor and promo producer for a decade before filming his own indie project for a mere $300. The small-budget spec film ignited his career when it was nominated for a prestigious Cannes Young Directors Award in 2013.


The shortlisted piece turned heads at Canada-based Spy Films, and other international production houses followed suit, hitching the red-hot director to their lineup. Capar is currently repped by Sequoia Content in Canada, Satellite My Love in France, E+P Films in Germany, and Aylene Gardiner Agency in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Hey Baby is his first official representation stateside. 


With a noteworthy spec project for SpaceX, along with commercials for Fujifilm, Prolia, AncestryDNA, Tylenol and ADT under his belt, Capar carries a personal tie to the “Eternally Yours” ad he helmed for MPG. The poignant spot features a grandfather leaving cards and digital messages to celebrate his grandchild’s future life milestones, from graduation to marriage, that as an ailing elder man, he won’t live to see. Capar instantly connected with the concept, stirred by images his father told him about the courageous war hero grandfather he never met.


All his life Capar heard of his family’s record of World War II service through stories passed down the generations, imagining his departed kin as storybook characters to connect with relatives he never met. To keep his family legacy alive, Capar just wrapped the film “Crosswalk Philosopher,” a portrait piece documenting his semi-retired engineer father’s musings as a part-time crossing guard.


The emphasis on oral tradition has influenced Capar’s method of writing backstories for his characters, even for commercials, enabling him to inform and guide the actors’ performances. Bringing to each brief a refined visual style that best serves the narrative, this intuitive approach has led Capar to deliver striking, emotionally stirring stories time and time again.


Capar explains, “I love to unearth the things that different people have in common…Family and relationships are universal, no matter where you are on the planet. I enjoy the search for the human truths that we all share, those are the stories I love telling most.”


After ‘casually dating’ on the US market, Capar is excited to partner with Hey Baby: “I trust [Executive Producer] Johnny Parker’s years of experience, and appreciate how he’s built a unique and curated roster of storytellers. Plus, he strikes me as an honest, authentic and good-humored person in what can often be described as an irrational business.”


When asked what he’s looking to accomplish in the next phase of his career, Capar says: “I simply want to push forward in telling stories that leave an emotional impact, whether the framework is 15 seconds or a feature-length film. My goal is to keep improving with every project and continue practicing my craft at the highest possible level.”


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