iPhone 7 "The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day" (2017) 3:30 (USA)

Dwayne Johnson, I.E. The Rock is crosses off his life goals list with the help of Siri, including being a Lyft Driver and flying himself to Rome to paint a fresco, start a fashion line, cook with Chef Ludo, play traditional Asian instruments at a concert, taking a selfie from space, and sorry I don't care who you get to use Siri, because Siri is stupid. This spot all but acknowledges it, because the only way you could make Siri interesting is to pay a mega celebrity to use it in all kinds of hyperbolic ways. The Rock is a great cast choice, however, as he's likable enough to keep this spot from being yet another "rich person plays hooky from work" execution we've seen ad nauseam.
Also did anyone else notice that during the fashion show, The Rock looked like the evil speaker from Apple's 1984 spot? If that was a nod to the past, I hope it was ironic. Considering how giant Apple is today, I'm afraid it's not.

Client: Apple

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