iPod? iDon't.

While some adore iPods, its advertising and the whole apple cult culture, others hate it with equal passion. SanDisk are on the opposing team as they too produce mp3 players, and their new campaign wants you to people to stop being sheep. They have launched the idont.com anti iPod campaign to peddle their wares. There you can download screen savers and posters with themes like iSheep, iChimp and iPuppet. SanDisk wants you to rise up against the iTatorship!

Mobile magazine: SanDisk launches anti-iPod campaign

The obvious question, though, is how original and non-follower like are we being if we go out and buy what they tell us to buy.

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yeah it's like-- instead of giving me a real reason to buy your product you use the old 'buy us because we're not them.'

and then on topf ot that you insult half your potential target by calling them puppets.

as opposed to apple and their 'swtich' campaign. i don't remember any bill gates dolls hung in effigy...

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People don't buy ipods to conform.
They buy them because all the other mp3 players are shit.
What, are these people in Grade Ten?