iRock - real iPod man dances through iPod store

Hoo boy, the iPod ad style fame just keeps begging to be copied, and now thanks to a few something awful people with too much time on their hands, a real live iPod black silouette man bounces around in an iPod store. The best part is that nobody in the store reacted.
To view the uneventful video see the forums at something awful. The most drama comes at the moment when our friendly dancer drops his iPod. Ouch!

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Scarier than this apparent Abu Graib devotee dancing 'round the Apple Store is that no one reacted!

Probably because everyone was "plugged in", somehow.

A great product though the iPod may be, has anyone else noticed that it turns listeners into drone-like people-pods who are totally disconnected from the world?

It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the way to spot those who've been gutted is simply to look for the white headphones!

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Aye, I was at the pub hanging out with some ad-heads the other night and suddenly everyone pulled out their iPods to play iPod-trivia that one of the ad-heads explained is in the iPod. I couldn't help but make sheep-noises at them all. I think they procreate by icopulating.