It's on us "Autocorrect " (2017) :30 (USA)

Clever use of autocorrect here in a back and forth between guys. One explaining his nightly dalliance, with the autocorrect interpreting what really happened. As clever as the execution is, it's a bit flawed. The VO tells us it's up to us to intervene when it comes to sexual assault. But the texting back and forth has happened well after that .

Also the call to action feels like it's missing some teeth. After all of that it directs you to a website to sign a pledge, like it's the rape equivalent of the Prom Promise. I guess that's because that's exactly what it is.
I suppose you have to start somewhere.

It’s On Us, by the way, is a national campaign to end sexual assault on college campuses. It's also partnered with the Biden foundation, too. Joe himself was nice enough to tweet out the spot today for his followers. A partnership like this is great as it can really leverage a wider audience, not to mention hopefully those who are willing to donate much needed funds.

It's a bit ironic in that the former Vice President is sometimes referred to as Creepy Uncle Joe, for his seemingly unsavory antics, too.

Creative Agency: Mekanism
Client: It’s On Us (a partner of the Biden Foundation)
President/CEO: Jason Harris
Founder/Executive Creative Director: Ian Kovalik
Senior Copywriter: Bryan Davis, Tim Noble
Art Director: Grace Hwang, Stefanie Gomez
Director of Brand Management: Caroline Moncure
Brand Manager: Lissa Pinkas

Production Agency: Sister
Executive Producer: Lee Scharfstein
Producer: Jackie Backer

Production Company: The Artery VFX
Director: Vico Sharabani
EP: Deborah Sullivan
Producer: Lynzi Grant
Lead Flame Artist: Asaf Yeger
Flame Artist: Brendan O’Neil
Audio: Sticky Audio

Recording Studio: BAM Studios
Engineer: Matt Sauro
Assistant: Sidney Jones
Coordinator: Nicole Schafer

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