iTunes ad too close for Lugz?

Is something going on? The iTunes spot on Apple's sites won't play. Athough they did air over the weekend. Is it because it's similar to a 2002 Lugz ad?
View the Apple's iTunes spot featuring Eminem (via AdFreak)

The Lugz "Arrow" spot from 2002 (superadgrunts click to watch):

From ever entertaining

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Banned but not fast enough - it aired yesterday according to pals who watch telly for the ads. I trust people like Brandon at TextURL for example, he does pay close attention to ads. ;)

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The spot is live and working again at

Link url =

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Just saw it on FOX about five minutes ago. Eh.

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Mystery solved. The Eminem ad is for iPod + iTunes. The U2 launch ad was to announce the new iPod with video. Same way the "hands" ad for the iPod nano didn't gel with the silhouette ads. Different branding areas.

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Sort of amusing that Eminem sued Apple over their use of this exact song too....and now he's singing it in this ad. Maybe it was part of the settlement or something.