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J Walter Thompson booklet promoting their "switch" to JWT

This work is worse than a waste of time. It's damaging to both the client and us
This work is a waste of time. People will activly avoid it. You have wasted both
Both the idea and the execution are ordinary. The customer will tune out before
This is soundly executed but bland. People have seen it before and will get to t
The idea is told in an interesting way or is well executed. People will give you
This work will get noticed. People will feel rewarded having spent time with it.
This is innovative work and the best example of this category in this network. I
This is the best work in this category in the world. It leads the market and peo
This competes with the best ideas in the world. People are talking about it in t
This sets a new standard in the world of communications. It is an enterily new i
Diesel campaign 2001

If you thought it was a bit odd last week when J walter Thompson announced it was being "globally rebranded" to JWT, as most people call it "JWT" anyway, you haven't seen nothing yet.
To remind everyone what their "new" name is JWT London created a huge promo book with the strange title "Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend". The interesting stuff is at the end of the book where Jean-Pierre Khazen, the photographer who likes masks and did the did the strange "save yourself" Diesel ad campaign of 2001, has a bunch of photographs coupled with a rating system for exactly how bad - or great - your idea is.

The body-copy with each image is underneath.

JWT / Jean-Pierre Khazen

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kurtberengeiger's picture

Yep. And we also got a set of stickers to rate to each other's work (or the writing on the bathroom wall) with. And when they run out, we've got a set of cards that we can flash at each other across the conference room, like referees in a football game... Or judges at a beauty conference, depending on the color...

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Hey, mind scanning a few of them cards so we can see them as well?

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Cards received! See the cards in this post here - thought these might get lost if I just posted them in the comments, so hey, a new post it is. :)

AnonymousCoward's picture

Sounds like a lot of fun. It's always nice to have a common set of values to judge stuff from. I just can't help wondering if they have a set of cards for creative briefs as well? Or am I just being cynical?

aiiobo's picture

Good call jasper!

Could we rate clients as well?

kurtberengeiger's picture

The running joke is that we now rate everything... ;o)
And since this weekend the ADC awards are being held in Berlin, we'll see how the system works on other people's work...