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Jack Link's "Fling it," (2015) :30 (USA)

In this episode of "Messin' With Sasquatch," some people mess with Sasquatch. There's a ripping-body-hair moment and then he gets all ragey until he presumably kills one, judging by his strength and all. Also, beef jerky. Because that's the kinda snack to eat when you're taunting someone until they murder you.

Client: Jack Link's JerkyClient: Jack Link’s Protein Snacks
Creative Agency: space150
Executive Creative Director: Brian Ritchie
Group Creative Director: Brock Davis
Associate Creative Director: Alex Dubrovsky
Copywriters: Eric Hansen, Kelly Hering
Art Director: Andrew Beckman

Agency: Mekanism
Producer: Kati Haberstock, Beth Shulman
Creative Director: Ian Kovalik
Senior Writer: Ryan Paulson
Director: Dave Laden
Production Company: Hungry Man
Managing Director: Kevin Byrne
Executive Producer: Dan Duffy
Line Producer: Caleb Dewart
Production Service Company South Africa: Moonlighting
Service Producer: Michelle Godson
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Lucas Spaulding
Editorial Producer: Nick Crane
VFX: Carbon VFX
VFX Lead: Kieran Walsh
Original Score: Andrew Duncan
Executive Editorial Producer: Joni Williamson
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger

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