Jaguar - Wicked Game 1 (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Variation/edit of the 0:60


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Jaguar Cars/Jaguar X-Type.
PRODUCTION CO., bicoastal/international.
Jeff Darling, director/DP; Loewn Steel, Frank Scherma and Jon Kamen, executive producers; Peter Kearney, producer. Shot on location in Queenstown, New Zealand, and Dolomites, Italy.
Young & Rubicam, New York.
Ross Sutherland, executive creative director; Ken Yagoda, executive producer; Marwan Khuri, art director; Jill Applebaum, copywriter; Jeremy Fox, assistant producer; Peter Greco, music producer.
Version2. Editing, New York.
Lin Polito, editor; Akiko Iwakawa, assistant editor; Linda Rafoss, executive producer.
Liquid Light, New York.
Amber Wilson, online editor/compositor; Chris Kreynus, online editor; Fred Wilson, compositor; Frank Devlin, executive producer.
Moving Images, New York.
Tim Masick, colorist.
Sound Lounge, New York.
Peter Holcomb, mixer.
Rocket Music, New York.
Phil Ashley, additional music production.
Wojahn Brothers, Santa Monica.
Roger Wojahn and Scott Wojahn, sound designers; Marisa Davis, producer.
"Wicked Game" (:60/:30) features shots of a Jaguar X-type vehicle in action, intercut with beauty shots of young adults at "play" in various settings, including the woods and snowy terrains. The commercial is set to Chris Isaak's signature tune, "Wicked Game."
Spot broke Oct. 1.