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Japan railroad / Kyushu Shinkansen - The rainbow wave - (2011) 2:00 (Japan)

To celebrate the opening of the Shinkansen trip that takes you from north to the south, operating from Hakata to Kagoshima, Dentsu arranged a 250 KM long audience wave.

Yes, when the bullet train took its pre-premiere run through the country, more than 30,000 people cheered it on. Everyone from uniformed schoolgirls and little league kids, to power rangers, and parents with their kids on their shoulders waving flags as the train passed by. It's all quite cheerful.

This ad was however pulled, as the train lined opened on March 12, 2011 - a single day after the worst natural disaster hit Japan in the form of a giant wave. The cheerful attitude in the ad was deemed inappropriate to air.

Ad Agency: Dentsu

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