Jeb Bush shows off monogrammed handgun with "America", internet responds

While making an entire article from chatter on Twitter is frowned upon around these parts, this shitposting fest is a little too funny to give up. Jeb Bush posted a photograph of his new gun with one single word: "America". Bush had appeared at FN Manufacturing, a high-security firearm company in Columbia, South Carolina, for a town hall on Tuesday morning, where he received the one of the kind gun from the company.
"The purpose was we went to a gun manufacturing facility where lots of jobs are created, high-wage jobs. And I received a gun and I was honored to have it," Bush said to CNN, where he also explained that he didn't know about the tweet.

John Joseph Adams, an American science fiction and fantasy editor, responded with a Tatooine weapon, and his followers carried on the joke.

.....and, I think Monty Python is the Godwin of joke threads, so I'll stop there, but I believe they're still at it.

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