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Jeep "Diner" (2019) 1:17 (USA)

Jeremy Renner stars in this spot featuring Jeremy Renner discovering the desert while Jeremy Renner listens to Jeremy Renner's music while driving until eventually Jeremy Renner goes to a concert where Jeremy Renner is singing the same song Jeremy Renner was listening to in the car.

Also starring unnamed woman and a barely credited Jeep Cherokee.  Seems like a missed opportunity to have called the vehicle the Jeep Cherokee: Jeremy Renner Edition. 

This takes celebrity advertising to an embarrassing new level as much as it does the ad world's obsession with the desert. I guess it's better than Deux Ex merch but not by much.

I think DDB is to blame for this campaign, but it's hard to say because none of the press releases mentioned the agency, only breathy quotes from Olivier Francois, FCA's Global Brand President. That and Fiat Chrysler rotates agencies more than most people change underwear. By the time I hit post on this article, they might already be using a different agency.


Credits: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Agency: DDB

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