- The most "super" bowl commercial ever (2016) :60 (USA)

Here's 60 seconds of puns and purposefully bad editing riding on the current super bowl hype. I'll just leave this here and walk away slowly. " has so many super bowls we have created an ad for it. We have all the super bowls that you can imagine – big, small, clear, plastic, glass, red, blue –striped! And the more bowls you buy, the more you can save on the stuff that goes in bowls."

Chief Customer Officer: Liza Landsman
VP, Marketing: Sumaiya Balbale
Creative Director: Christina Antonopolous
Agency: R/GA
Executive Creative Director: Eric Jannon
Executive Creative Director: Chris Northam
Associate Creative Director: Mike Donaghey
Associate Creative Director: Chris Joakim
Associate Director, Connections Planning: Michael Goldstein
Head of Production: Kat Friis
Executive Film Producer: Diego de la Maza
Group Account Director: Shawn Zupp
Account Director: Elizabeth Bourke
Executive Account Producer: Lisa Greenleaf
Group Planning Director: Dennis Claus
Business Affairs Director: Stephen Bernstein
Business Affairs Manager: Magdalena Wiater
Production Co.: Prettybird
Director: Tim & Eric
Director of Photography: Andrew Wheeler
Executive Producer: Ali Brown
Line Producer: Bridgitte Pugh
Editor: Vic Berger

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This reminds me why I got into the advertising industry. Thanks R/GA!