Job hunt stunt takes it outside.

Here's one of those "I wish I had thought of that" things. When Brendan Watson and Jana Ranjitkumar knocked on the door at Taxi's offices looking for a job and we're turned down due to lack of physical space, they didn't offer to use the loo for an office as I have done in the past, instead they set up office outside. Oh yes, complete with desk, lamp, computer, printer and the whole shebang. In the rain and cold. Brandan explains:

Another memorable meeting was with Taxi's Associate Creative Director, Lance Martin, who mentioned that he liked our work, but wasn't sure if they had space for us. And by space he wasn't referring to the creative roster, but physical space, since at the time Taxi had beefed up for a couple of big projects/pitches. To that we responded, "Well, if space is the only problem, then we'll work on the street." Lance laughed it off, not knowing that two days later he would look out his office window and see us sitting in a makeshift office on the sidewalk. There we sat in the rain on Wellington, with desks, chairs, books, decorations, a computer and a printer. We had an 'inter-office' memo delivered to Lance which read, "If space is your problem, then we've solved it. Please look out your window." This little 'stunt' garnered a better response than we had ever envisioned. After battling the elements for almost forty-five minutes, Lance returned to his office, got our memo and noticed us sitting there. He grabbed Vice President and Creative Director Zak Mroueh and braved the cold long enough to invite us in for 'a coffee and a creative brief.' We spent the following couple of days lending a hand on a project for a brand new client.

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