Johnson & Johnson - Baby Soft Baby oil - When you have the face a girl & the body of a woman

Johnson & Johnson sold baby oil to grown women who wanted to look like little girls and have the skin of a baby back in the 1970s. Those were the days!

When you have the face of a girl and the body of a woman you still want the skin of a baby
While a young face can sometimes have more than enough oil, the body that goes with it often doesn't have enough. But Johnson's Baby Oil can help keep a body that's been exposed to sixteen or so summers and winters baby-soft all over. Even rough spots like elbows, knees and heels. Even legs that have just been shaved. Even dry hands. And if you add some of the pure gentle oil that keeps babies skin soft to your bubbly bath, it'll leave you feeling silky and slinky from neck to toe. Johnson's baby Oil. If you're woman enough to want the skin of a baby.

If you add it to bubble bath, the bubbles die, sheesh. I'm not going to comment on the rest, you have eyes.

Johnson & Johnson

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