Jordan "Melo Built for more" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

We've seen spots in which famous basketball players return to their roots before. But this one is different. Carmelo Anthony has returned to the city where he grew up: Baltimore. Hence "built for more." This is a testament to what Melo has achieved as much as it is a beacon of hope for a city that needs it. I like the juxtaposition between the man and the city. Murals, street intersections, even a tag that says "where are you from," appears. It doesn't beat you over the head with social commentary at all. It's also a nice moment when the kid comes in wearing a Stay Melo shirt and hands him the ball.

Client: Jordan
Agency: Los York
Creative Director/Managing Partner: Dexton Deboree
Executive Creative Director/Partner: Seth Epstein
Executive Producer/Account Director: Martha Smith
Production Company: Los York
Managing Partner/Creative Director/Director: Dexton Deboree
Executive Producer: Martha Smith
Director of Photography: Kris Belchevski
Line Producer: Eric Brown
Production Supervisor: Jessica O’Brien
BTS Shooter & Social Edits: Lula Fotis
Conform: Ian Gibson
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Adam Pertofsky
Assistant Editor: Marjorie Sacks
Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh
Color Correction: Company 3
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX Company: Brewster Parsons
Flame Artist: Andrew Eksner
Executive Producer: Jason Cohon
Producer: Justine Pregler
EP/Owner: Darcy Parsons

Music Company: Kobalt Music
Music Track: “Drum & Drone” (from the film “Whiplash”)
Music Artists: Kobalt Music, Justin Hurwitz
Audio Post Company: Barking Owl Sound
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett
Music Editor & Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
Mixer: Patrick Navarre
Producer: KC Dossett

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