Jose Cuervo - Pool Party (Print Ad) (2004) (USA)

I know from the famous John West commercial that bears like salmon, but I didn't know they liked tequila, too.

Click read more to see what happens when you mix bears and booze together.

Headline: It'll throw you a surprise party*
Subhead: *Not true. It would love to, but it has a very small apartment.

Jose Tequila / Bear

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claymore's picture

Now is it just me, or does it appear as if there's a prodigious amount of urine in that pool?

Robblink's picture

Hmmm....look at the bear's hind leg.... I think he put the "p" in the pool!

caffeinegoddess's picture

hehehe. I'm slightly thrown off by the copy. What's the "it" it's refering to? The bear or the Cuervo? - i give this ad a thumbs down. Someone was trying out the product too much during the creation of this ad, i think.

AnonymousCoward's picture

And I thought that Molsen (or is it Labbats) that use a bear as its mascot. Since when did bears become experts on drinks?