Juice billboard declares: "Once you go black....."

The trendy black bottle for fruit juices that taste good but are less than appetizing to look at has reached the USA. While German based True Fruits sold their black bottle with the idea of beauty on the inside, which offended some readers, USA based Juice (served here) decided to take another route.
"Once you go black..." is an expression about black men in bed and about as subtle as the movie Mandingo was. This headline isn't something that makes me think of innovative cold-pressed detox juices, but it seems sexual innuendo is part of their campaign, judging by prior "soft, semi or hard how do you take it" headline (below). Naturally there's already a Change.org petition to "take down billboard with racial undertone", because those things work so well.

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It seems that very obvious advertising mistakes are happening way too often now a days. This ad reminds me of Bud Light’s ad campaign, “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary…” which was obviously a disaster once it hit the headlines. It absolutely blows my mind that professional marketing teams can just completely look over what seems to be an obvious meaning. Just like Bud Light, the new juice brought to the U.S. failed to see how their marketing technique might be taken the wrong way. It just seems like a mistake that shouldn’t and truly cant be made in the business world today if the company wants to make any profit or keep a good reputation.

Molly Kind-Rubin
A.B. Freeman Business School Student, Tulane University

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Dear Molly Kind-Rubin. When making comments, you might want to just use your first name, as this is embarrassing. This line is no "mistake", it's an obvious tactic and the article is pointing that out.

As for the Bud Light copy line you mention, you can read about that here: http://adland.tv/adnews/buzzfeed-dubs-bud-light-rape-culture-beer/14989279