K-fee Coffeine Drink - Speed bumps Ambient - Germany

Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg wanted to not just talk about how awake k-fee Caffeine Drink makes you feel, but to actually "wake people up" direct, straightforward way. "Sleeping policemen" were made to look like K-fee cans. As a result, cyclists bumping over those things would wake up, and notice the cans. The target group - young people - are far more likely to ride fast across these things thus getting the extra bumpy-ride.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg
Wolf Heumann, Executive Creative Director
Sascha Hanke, Creative Director
Timm Hanebeck, Art Director
Clemens Sehi, Copywriter
Andy Tran, Art Director
Nadya Innamorato, Junior Art Director

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Can't wait until the next time it rains and cyclists start sliding off the rain-slicked plastic bumps and falling in front of moving trucks. I nominate this for the new Cannes category - Advertising that hurts.

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Now there's a category I'd really like to win!

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The idea is so poor.