Kalenji X Rosapark "#eatyourrun" (2016) 1:48 (France)

Most sports brands tout performance. For Kalenji it's all about pleasure. For their new shoe, Kalenji and Rosapark decided to have some fun by creating a menu where you pay in kilometers. I love this. Because here's the thing: I don't go to the gym three times a week and deal with the Bros and bike twenty miles on the weekends early before the touristas come out because I like doing it. I do it so I can stuff my face with good food and not worry about gaining weight because I'm burning off more calories than I take in. Finally, a sports brand that gets me. Don't live to run. Run to live. Hell. Yes.

Co-founders: Jean-Patrick CHIQUIAR / Jean-François SACCO / Gilles FICHTEBERG
Account Management: Victor FAUBERT
Strategic Planning: Sacha LACROIX / Mickaël MOUGENOT
Creative Directors: Mark FORGAN / Jamie STANDEN
Artistic Director: Julien SAURIN
Copywriter: Nicolas GADESAUDE
Producer : Hugo NATHAN-LEGRAND
Director : Vincent RODELLA

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