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Katy Perry, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and WE ALL RUN for Adidas - or some run, but girls bounce cutely

Adidas is back, now with a campaign out to celebrate all of us who run. Not in the way they did back in 1998 which celebrated the quirks of runners as a club for people who are different enough to endure bleeding nipples and unabashed enough to stand naked at their cars changing clothes.
Now runners aren't different anymore, now everyone runs. They do however run differently. Beckham powers through London like he's chasing youth itself, Lionel Messie speeds on as if a demon is on his tail and Katy Perry... Katy bounces down the beach with her little entourage of do-op girls in full makeup waving to freaks on bikes as if her beach run is a social meeting. Advert also archived here

I'm sorry Adidas, I know you were thinking that this "We all run" campaign was meant to be an inclusive thing, where everyone from all walks of life, the most powerful speeders to the robot-dressed guy in the San Francisco marathon are included in the "fun" of running. But that's not what I see. I see you telling me that as a human of the female persuasion, when I run, it should be in full makeup, looking swell and perfect hair is my requirement. Not sweat.

Beckham advert also archived here
Look, as a girl, I know there are things my body doesn't do as well as a mans. But 70% of my strength is in my legs and I can pop out live human beings without painkillers so please don't show me that I should be cute when I'm running. The only time I've ever run in full makeup is late at night, with much larger men closing in behind me and my hand on my mace looking for the nearest lit street.

I don't run like it's a fashion statement. I want to be powerful like Beckham. Next time set it up athlete to athlete, and pop-star vs pop-star. With this you made me feel excluded - and I know that's exactly what you weren't going for.
Face it, you can't be all things to all people all the time. You are either a great 360° ventilation awesome running shoe for those who take this stuff seriously, or you are a cool looking shoe for the fashionistas and RUN DMC fans of this world.

Like we tell clients all the time: Pick one. Is it a great running shoe or a cutesy bouncy thing?

This advert was also archived here.

The soundtrack is a subtle remix of Kate Perry’s hit song "Part of Me", and the long edit shows more of the "running is fun" than the mile-wide difference between Katy Perry and David Beckham.

From it, I gather that this ClimaCool shoe comes in all sorts of colours, so I guess it is more of a fashion statement than a decent running shoe?'

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