Keen - Epic Novel - (2016) : 15 (USA)

"We knew the world wasn’t thirsting for yet another shot of a guy jumping over a log or a girl hiking past a stream. We wanted to bring some self-expression and charisma to the outdoor world…and simultaneously connect the brand to the broader lifestyle market. For KEEN, the outdoors is ‘any place without a ceiling’ and UNEEK is proof positive of this. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, comfortably. We see UNEEK as a way to earn new fans and to bridge Keen's heritage in outdoor performance and innovation to its expanded future in lifestyle footwear."

See also Keen masterpiece, Keen Flowers and Keen King of the forest

Ad agency: KEEN in house
Creative Direction: Michael Minter
Creative Direction & Photography: Tim Tadder
Digital Art: Mike Campau
Styling and Props: Julia Reeser

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Shit, these are great - full of colour and energy.

So kwirky.