Keen - Masterpiece - (2016) :15 (USA)

Determined to break free from the usual "outdoorsy" styling of sunsets and people hopping over clear water creeks, KEEN wants to lure millennials into their interesting looking sandals by telling them how great they are, and their lives can be, not talk about their own product. It's sort of Instagram wisdom meets the Airwalk styling of the early 90s, which was more fashion and fun than outdoorsy and rugged. Visually the whole campaign a refreshing kick of colour and quirky as we slap paint all over, do some fun timelapses, and generally "pop". ‘You don’t have to be an artistic genius to make your life a masterpiece’ The shoes are unique - or "uneek" millennial-speak - and can be found in tons of colours at

See the other three clips in this campaign, Keen Epic Novel, Keen Flowers and Keen King of the forest.

Ad agency: KEEN in house
Creative Direction: Michael Minter
Creative Direction & Photography: Tim Tadder
Digital Art: Mike Campau
Styling and Props: Julia Reeser

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