Kendrick Lamar - Compton / Witness Greatness / "Alright" (2016) 2:40

Open on sunkissed streets in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles where sisters Serena and Venus Williams learned to play tennis, Dr Dre and Ice Cube launched their lucrative creative careers with NWA, a ridiculous amount of NFL players are from, and where a bunch of actors grew up, even Kevin Costner. Compton is home to 97,877 lives, and right now Compton's favourite son is Kendrick lamar, he has even received a key to the city of Compton, as well a whopping eleven nominations at the Grammy Awards. He won "Best Rap Album", "Best Rap Performance" & "Best Rap Song" for the song "Alright", "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" and "Best Music Video" this year.

In this video, a bunch of Compton talents get together and rap and dance to "Alright" with Kendrick Lamar, each person getting an individual moment in the film, edited together. The result is a really nice clip of talent and people which makes the song even better, as the mantra chorus is repeated and culminates with a visit by Kendrick Lamar himself rapping the last bit. Good promo to whip up excitement before the Grammy awards that was published online and aired in conjunction with the Grammy's. Also, watch out, that little boy rapping is nipping on your heels, yo.

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