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Kenneth Cole AIDS awareness campaign

How do you create an AIDS campaign? Simple, get a photographer to shoot some celebs in black and white and select an appropriate bold sans serif font to make the headline with. We suggest Futura Extra Bold Condensed. Add a dash of red and you're set!
Silly me, I forgot the shoes. A shoe brand has to be involved, in this example - Kenneth Cole.

Sorta like the Aldo AIDS aweness campaign remixed. In this case Kenneth Cole's campaign doesn't want people in general to speak up, but people to check their status - and then speak up.

"Ninety-five percent of the people living with the virus [worldwide] don't know they have it," explains Kennth Cole, a longtime activist and current chair man of amfAR, an AIDS research and awareness organization.

"If we could just get 5 percent to address their status, we could double the amount of people we're treating and lives we're saving."

To combat the stigma that still surrounds the disease almost a quarter century after the first reported cases, Kennth Cole, 51, and fashion photographer Mark Seliger gathered prominent doctors, activists and celebs known for their dedication to the cause and photographed them at multiple shoots.

The images were then combined to create an eye-catching ad with a potent message. "If anyone has AIDS, we all have it," says Cole. "People [need to] realize AIDS is not someone else's problem."

You can see the images and read more at https://www.weallhaveaids.com/.

Last time Kenneth Cole did an AIDS awareness campaign was back in 1986, when they hired Annie Leibovitz to shoot top fashion models embracing children. In black and white, I bet.

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it doesnt make sense at all, is anyone with me?

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I am.

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not only does it not make sense, but the headline sends out a weird message. I know they're trying to get across the idea that AIDS is everyone's problem, but "We all have AIDS if one of us has" just makes me think that all these illustrious celebs are going to be involved in a gang bang straight after the shoot, so they can all catch each other's diseases.

Nelson Mandela doing Rosie O'Donnell doing Liz Taylor doing Will Smith doing Richard Gere...but most importantly, all in a good cause.

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Oh that's just GREAT> now I'll have to scrub my brain with CLOROX to get that image out. AAARGH!

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I saw image at a mall and thought it was part of the ALDO's campaign. Maybe that B/W and spot red is part of a look for the AIDS group that must be used or something.

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Yeah, they're like layout twins aren't they?

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yup, that's the Know HIV/AIDS folks colors and style:

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well, i should have said it is their brand rather than their online presence...