Kenyan MP's upset over raunchy condom adverts, consider new advertising bill.

"Condoms are inventions by mzungus (whites) and should therefore be banned! " the Kenyan MP Ramadhan Kajembe said Thursday according to Mail&Guardian South Africa.

He continued his rant with saying that condoms are also painful to put on and that he finds advertisements for condoms offensive. Gor Sungu, another MP joined in the hate-debate and said that Kenya's censorship law, dating from 1963, is outdated and does not address the ethically reprehensible nature of some advertisements. He said modern advertisements aired on television are corrupting the morals of Kenyans. Many MP's agreed and a motion for a regulatory body has been made.
The Minister for Information, Raphael Tuju, said that the introduction of an advertising Bill will not lead to ad hoc banning of advertisements, as long as advertisers make sure their products comply with ethical standards. Which apparently those painful "mzungu things", condoms, don't.

Super Adgrunts, to view one of those raunchy Kenyan condom ads, try last years classic Trust condom ad on for size. ;)

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We loved it at the music matches perfectly !

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Such a great ad. Such an idiotic response from Kajembe. How do you reduce rates of HIV/STD infections then? I'd like to hear his response on that.

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Aye, true. So sad.

Clearly the guy has some issues, claiming condoms hurt to put on as well. Dude, you're doing it wrong!

And if ads like the Truth Condom one is what they think is so offensive, wow, we should invite them to watch some TV over here. That ad is great.