The Kerry Low Low people are full of clichés.

By now you've seen the Adland Girl video from low cal food people Kerry Low Low. You know, the one that plays like an SNL parody commercial that also feels inspired by Women Laughing Alone With Salad. It's all so very tongue and cheek and har har, I know right? We totally are like that in our ads. And it's coming from a low-cal cheese brand! They even have a Facebook Page that is hilarious!

When you get done laughing, head over to Kerry Low Low's website for a second. Does anyone else see the irony that while these guys are parodying ads, every last woman in their advertising is thin? And fresh from central casting? Really, Kerry Low Low, who are you kidding? Look at your fucking brochure. Look at your website. The cheese ball soft focus lens. Smiling women, all playfully eating food, and all of them thin, unblemished with perfectly white teeth.

It's the poster child for clichés and you know it.

But hey, thanks for inadvertently plugging Adland.

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