Kerydin - Toe-Tucker - (2015) :30 (USA)

Toenails are less than .02% of the body, yet toenail fungus impacts dozens of micro-decisions each day. Sufferers must determine which shoes they can wear before picking out their outfit for the day, or a black-tie affair may be turned down because they don’t have time to get a pedicure before the event. There are many ways people cope. Opting for nail polish, socks and closed-toe shoes are just a few ways individuals have been hiding the ugliness of their toes this summer.

With a market saturated by the competition, Kerydin’s first DTC campaign encourages the millions of Americans who suffer from toenail fungus to treat the fungus and untuck their toes. Created by advertising agency FCB Health, the campaign debuts on August 28. Which seems like poor timing if the goal is to get people to dare to wear sandals again.

ad agency: FCB

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