Kevin Drew Davis now the CCO of DDB Canada

If you've seen Kevin Drew Davis tweeting about Canada recently, you might already be running an office pool on where he's heading after Digitas. He is now the CCO of DDB Canada, watching over Vancouver and Edmonton as well as Toronto but will be present in the Toronto office.

This DDB office is one of the coolest looking offices in Canada, with great accounts like Subaru, McDonalds Esso, Canadian Tire and Crime Stoppers.

While Kevin was at Digitas they won clients like Sprint, eBay, Taco Bell, Whirlpool mass brands and Kao. You may recall the Feed the beat for Taco Bell, and the "thank you" campaign that won eBays first Clio award.

Kevin has been pushing the digital creative envelope since the 90s, when he did the Calvin Klein email campaign that evolved into a long running soap opera, starring the characters who developed during the email campaigns run. It all began with the simple idea announced on billboards "email a Calvin Klein model" back in 1998.

Enjoy Canada, Kevin, and do stock up on the amazing beers from unibroue to acclimatize to the Canadian way of life.

Canadian sensibilities? Please don't start saying "eh".

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