KFC "Fakation" (2015) :30 (Romania)

For the launch of its new product Hotbox, KFC and MRM//McCann Romania have come up with a Fakation: a campaign targeting teens stuck in the big and hot cities, while their friends are in vacations in exotic places. Now everyone can take a vacation) or at least fake one, no matter where they are.

Here is the translation.

You go on Facebook and everybody's on holiday. Every-bo-dy.
Whatever, at KFC you have fun in the city like you're on holiday.
Go, order, and you're already wherever you want.
Spain? Take a photo and let's also go to Greece.
You also caught the sunset.
Another snap in the boat and that's it.
Now upload it on social media and wait for the envy.
With Holiday flavors from KFC you're in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Client: KFC Romania
Agency: MRM//McCann Romania

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