KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken - Karaoke / Chicken Little. (2016) :30 (USA)

I am suddenly warming up to this campaign idea of "the real colonel" played by different celebrities. First it was Darell Hammond, then Norm Macdonald who gave it a weird twist, then Jim Gaffigan who seems like he would eat KFC or a lot in general as his standup routine revolves around food. Since there is no Col. Harland Sanders than can really replace the real colonel who invited us to his home and showed us what finger lickin' good meant in 1969, we continue with the weird and here we have none other than permatanned George Hamilton singing karaoke about extra crispy chicken. Because of course George Hamilton is extra crispy. I can picture the creatives pitching this idea with four words; George Hamilton Extra Crispy, and then high fiving each other. It's the little touches that make the ad so good though, the stuck napkin, the cougar in a leopard spotted shirt, the tiki bar decor.

ad agency: Weiden + Kennedy

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