King's Hawaiian "False Cabinet" (2017) :30 (USA)

A dad is lamenting the fact the King's Hawaiian rolls are always disappearing in the house. But his buddy has a solution: a secret hidey-hole. Unbeknownst to him, his son and buddy discover the gift that keeps on giving. A secret spot on the other side of the wall where King's Hawaiian rolls keep appearing. The acting, and music is heavy on the saccharine this is for sure. But during the Super Bowl it might just be a welcome break from the talking animals, horses, babies and Melissa McCarthy slapstick. Thsi is King's Hawaiian's first Super Bowl ad from Levit Agency.

Client: King’s Hawaiian
Agency: Levit Agency
Creative Director, President: Steve Levit
Executive Producer: Kris Roberts
Managing Director: Dan Pardo
Production Company: Gartner
Director: Mike Bigelow
Producer: Helen Hollien
Editorial: Paul Kumpata, Exile
Post FX: Brewster Parsons

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