Kirin Mini Beer - BeerBro-quet - A Valentine's bouqet of beer.

Marcus from Y&R emailed me the perfect Valentine's bouquet, one filled with Kirin Mini Beer - the only thing ruining this for me is that he only sent me pictures. What the hell Marcus, I would love a beer-boquet, why torture me like this? That's it, we are so through, Mistah. If you need me, I'll be roaming romantic restaurants sticking false engament rings in all the ladies drinks tonight. Just sharing the love, sharing the love.

It's the perfect gift for the man (or men) in your life—husband, boyfriend, lover or a random handsome stranger—this Valentine's Day.

Agency: Y&R - Singapore
Client: Kirin Mini Beer

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I know I shouldn't say this, but damn, I hate sexist ads like this. Why for men? I'd be more impressed if a guy gave me one of these than roses--would show he put some thought into it!

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Oo, love it! It's so easy to buy a Valentine's gift for a woman and so hard to get one for a man (unless you spend a small fortune) - if only I had known about this a couple of weeks ago I would totally have bought my boyfriend one as a semi-joke :)