KLM and Heineken - The Orange Experience (2014) 3:22 (The Netherlands)

Queensday" or Koninginnedag as it was called when Queen Beatrix and Juliana were on the throne, is now "Kingsday" or Koningsdag as Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is continuing the tradition. It's not like anyone could stop this though, it's formerly Queen Juliana's birthday and a tax-free day, where if you have a garage sale you don't have to declare the income. It morphed into a giant party as everyone had the day off, spring is finally warming up the country, and people take their boats out on the Amsterdam canals while blasting music all day long. I loved this day when I lived in Amsterdam. Everyone is out having fun, there's spontaneous dancing on the streets, there's never ending supplies of beer, and everyone is cheering. Like the guy says in the clip: "Everybody, everybody, is having a good time!"

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines know full well that how this day in Amsterdam is probably the best advertisement for visiting Amsterdam, ever. All they need to do is show people. That's why they sent two people to New York city to lure ten New Yorkers on a surprise trip to Amsterdam. Once in Amsterdam, the ten new yorkers were taken to a classic Dutch Kingsday party boat and joined by their DJ for the day - Armin van Buren. At this point one of the hard boiled new yorkers is freaking out, starstruck and overwhelmed. They party on the canals all day, and now ten lucky New Yorkers can try to explain to the rest of USA how awesome Amsterdam is. Good luck with that.

Why doesn't this ever happen to me? Where are the men with orange suitcases that have surprise vacation buttons when I need a break?

Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Production Company: Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs BV
Script: Operator | Roel Boorsma
Camera: Coen Stroeve, Eric Halberstadt
Prod. Company NYC: Manifesto New York
Line Producer: Michelle Clarke, Nan Sandle
Editor: Amber Hooijmans
Sound design: Jaap Sijben
Post Production: Filmgasten | Kevin Kimman
Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines & Heineken NL 

Special Thanks to:
The 10 candidates, City Of New York, City of Amsterdam, The Floating Company,
Schiphol, Joey the Neck and Anthony La Rosa

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