Knorr - #LoveAtFirstTaste - (2016) 3:00 (USA)

Tatia Pilieva, who directed The "First kiss" film, which we badlanded here as a copy of a 90s Canal+ ad, also directed this dinner date idea. It's a pretty good idea to match people up actually, have them paired by their preference in foods. Now, what's really fun here is the pairings seem to actually take a liking to each other. The bubbly blond declares "this isn't very expensive so you can just ram it straight in my mouth, seemingly unaware of the heavy innuendo that is clearly not lost on her date. Ice successfully shattered by spicy foods and finger licks, the couples are now chair-dancing, giggling and spilling food while trying to feed each other spaghetti and pad thai. Joshua is a man who doesn't waste a good opportunity and instead of feeding Yasmine a bite, he kisses her at the end. Smooth.

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ad agency: MullenLowe

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