Knucklehead Welcomes Director Lieven Van Baelen

Knucklehead is pleased to welcome Lieven Van Baelen to their roster in North America, Asia and the UK. Lieven is internationally renowned for his highly visual directing style, which he often blends with reality-bending post production techniques.

Lieven Van Baelen began his career as a telecine colourist before moving behind the lens as the draw of the camera became too strong to ignore. Several years as one of Belgium’s foremost Directors of Photography allowed him to shoot countless award-running commercials and music videos, and he took his first steps as a director in 1999 with the production of his short feature film The Thread. His directing career flourished very quickly earning acclaim for his Dexia spot “Club Brugge,” and winning awards at Eurobest and a Gold CCB Award.

Always hungry to keep evolving his craft, Lieven has become a highly sought-after director of major global campaigns for brands such as Heineken, Grolsch, Canon, Coca-Cola, Renault and Ikea.

He is known to draw the viewer into the frame with a deft use of post production techniques, as seen in his “Born to Thrill” spot for Nissan, in which Lieven creates an electrifying journey through sky, ground, and water to show the assembly of the Nissan Juke. The film was shortlisted in the Best Visual Effects category by the London International Awards.

Knucklehead’s Matthew Brown is “delighted to welcome Lieven to the roster. His visual sensibility is a great fit for us and his unique technical skill wins him a unique space in the stable.”

Lieven adds “I’ve been a fan of Knucklehead for a while.” While tucking into his dinner he adds “joining them feels like eating french fries for the first time!”

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