Kobe Shimbun "Emergency Collectives" (2017) 1:30 (Japan)

When disaster strikes such as an earthquake, it can take government officials at least 72 hours to arrive at a shelter to help people. It pays to be prepared, so that when you evacuate to a shelter, you'll have the necessary items already. Despite Japan's earthquakes and other natural disasters, just 31% of the population has an emergency kit. This fact inspired the Kobe Shimbun newspaper to publish “The Better Evacuation Center Emergency Kit” guide on a two-page spread of its morning edition. By the way, Kobe Shimbun experienced the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake back in 1995. Another sad fact-- the shelters from that time had not been renovated. So when the Kumamoto earthquake happened in 2016, they were in the same shape. All the more reason to be prepared.

Client: Kobe Shimbun

Agency: Dentsu

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