Kohl's - Thanks Bro! (2016) :30 (USA)

A young girl finally gets to sit in the front seat, and she channels the 1990 Oscars with Whoopi Goldberg's acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, "...My brother is just sitting there thinking, thank god we don't have to listen to any more... You can do it now. My mom saw him, everybody's watching. I'm so proud to be here." Wow, those words worked really well in this car-seat context. Despite the stellar effort of the young talent, and juxtaposing her small frame with Whoopi's raspy voice, it's not quite as funny as Kohl's "Dad acceptance speech". The sole reason for this is that the young girl is white while Whoopi is not, during a time when this is a very touchy subject. Thus, this ad seemed even less popular on Twitter - though as with any campaign, some people loved it while others hated it.

Ad agency: Anomaly and Huge.

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