Kraft Heinz Co's "Devour" brand buys media on Pornhub

As you might recall, Devour ran a superbowl ad called "My boyfriend has a food porn problem", to very mixed reactions from the audience. While some thought it funny, other's complained that kids were watching and this really wasn't appropriate. They did succeed in getting talked about on Twitter, and carried the campaign to the next logical step.

Porn sites. Well, Pornhub specifically. 

“See hot food porn now,” the Devour ads on Pornhub said. The Pornhub logo appeared with a fork through it.

“Devour is explicitly talking about #Foodporn, which has become a cultural phenomenon with over 185MM posts on Instagram today,” the brand said in a statement.

Bringing the campaign idea to pornhub is risky as hell, particularly today when brands have been taking steps avoiding to be seen next to controversial content, with large brands leaving Youtube en masse in 2017 to avoid it. 

It's also, dare I say, quite wrong for a family food brand to be seen between the footage of revenge porn, women exploited by "Girls Do Porn", and sexually abused minors, as well as established porn stars. It's shall we say, tasteless.

“This one-day activation is part of a humorous juxtaposition to highlight the concept of food porn that began with the release of the uncensored 60-second Big Game ad,” Devour said but the spokesperson declined to comment further.

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