Kyivstar "vyshyvanka day" (2014) 1:25 (Ukraine)

Here's a nice mix of traditional and modern. The last working day before AUgust 24th, Independence Day in Ukraine is a day of celebration. For five years now, mobile phone company Kyivstar (the largest in Ukraine) has been behind Vyshyvanka Day-- a day where employees come to work dressed in vyshyvanka, or the traditional embroidered shirt.
This year, digital shop Grape, took this concept online by giving employees a chance to design their own shirts. Eight winning designs chosen by votes, were then created by designs were chosen by Lviv craftsmen and then presented to the creators.
All told, 600 designs were submitted and 6,500 votes cast for the winners.
Fun idea, and judging by recent unfortunate events, celebrating your country's independence is probably something a lot of Ukrainians can get behind.

Client: Kyivstar
Agency: Grape

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