Ladbrokes leaves Big Brother after foodfight assault

In what I hope is the last nail in the coffin for reality TV show Big Brother (in Sweden at least), Ladbrokes has pulled their sponsorship effective immediately this morning after a foodfight turned into assault.

Last night there was a drunken party in the Big Brother house, followed by a foodfight. When one of the women went to bed, passed out by booze around ten pm, two male contestants decided to play a practical joke on her. Apparently where they come from, smearing butter over an unconscious womans thighs and sticking a pickle in her underwear is considered funny. When the woman woke up and discovered what happened she cried uncontrollably.

Ladbrokes took this incident very seriously, Douglas Roos the CEO said: "If channel 5 doesn't report this assault to the police, we will." and "this goes against all forms of civilized behavior, moral and ethics, we can not under any circumstances continue to sponsor this show."

Big Brother said in a statement today that it wasn't a pickle, it was a pfefferoni, and that they'll show the incident again tonight. They will not eject the men involved from the show, as they "don't deem it necessary to disqualify any of the persons involved" but they also state that they "distance themselves from what happened". Not far enough to not run a rerun........

Update: The show has been reported to the police today by a
concerned viewer, who said: "It's terrible, my daughter and her friends
are talking a lot about this, they feel it's as if you can anything to a
young woman and get away with it. It's disgusting." The DA in Stockholm have started an investigation even before this woman reported it.
The gambling company Ladbrokes are also demanding that all images from the incident should be turned over to the police so that a full investigation into what happened can be done.
Jean Kafashian, the man with the pickle or pfefferoni was voted out of the house last night. Channel five still insist that the media is exaggerating the incident and even flat out lying, "it was a prank, not sexual assault".
Update 2 today Channel 5 and Big Brother claim the incident has not been recorded/taped, according to the channels CEO Manfred Aronsson. It's beginning to sound like the hushed and covered up real Word MTV 'alleged' rape.

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Outrageous. And eye for an eye I say. Or maybe a pickle for a pickle!

By the way, Vlasic makes a pretty good buttery pickle:

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heck, throw'em out.
and let'em out pepperoni 'til they puke.
and, you know, pepperonis burn twice...